About Upmrkt


Upmrkt is the brainchild of a group of friends and ex-colleagues depressed by their online shopping choices.

Bored of international shipping limitations and uninspiring, low-quality, e-marketplaces (did we say counterfeit-rife flea pits?), we decided to build a better online marketplace for urban South East Asia. Our idea is to create a website that gives people better access to the amazing mix of independent brands from across south east Asia and to create an destination full of high-quality independent entrepreneurs, built by entrepreneurs.

And now here we are.

Please bear with us as we start this journey and work through our beta phase. Coding really sucks, but we're working hard every day to make this marketplace a reality! Thanks for supporting us and all the other passionate entrepreneurs out there and we hope you enjoy shopping the best of South East Asia online.


Support local and regional socially-conscious designers, growers and makers by allowing them sell direct to you. Each shop is carefully vetted by our panel for quality and social puropse before being invited to sell here.

1. Browse shops on Upmrkt, like you would a browse a marketplace or mall

2. Add products to your basket

3. Shipping charges will apply per shop

4. Check-out and pay once

5. Each shop will send your purchases to you separately