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The Expat's Guide to Singapore

The Expats' Guide to Singapore: Finding Your Feet on the Little Red Dot. A comprehensive, engaging manual for navigating expat life in Singapore.

Alison Ozawa Sanders and Jessica Duff are the duo behind the popular blog and Facebook page, Textpat Wives. Both are expats, living and raising their families in Singapore. Ali is from California, and Jess was born and raised in Ireland and moved to Singapore from London. Both are former lawyers, current harried parents, and fairly constant hot messes. They like to drink coffee (and gin, depending on the time of day), explore Singapore, and look for solutions to their constant sweat and hair-frizz issues. They’ve both done some freelance writing in the past, but these days the bulk of their writing comprises exasperated, all-caps text messages to one another. They met in a playground in 2014—newbie expat strangers bringing their respective 1-year-olds on a blind (play)date—and have never looked back.


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