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Whiteman Park Print Shop

A small print shop spreading the love of letterpress.

Whiteman Park Print Shop is a small letterpress print shop situated within Whiteman Park in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 1988 originally as part of a heritage trade village in the park, the Print Shop has a collection of vintage letterpress printing machines and equipment showcasing the craft of the traditional style of printing. We now incorporate a modern twist using computer generated artwork and printing with photopolymer plates. Our shop is one of a kind and we are proud that it is so special. We are a working museum, allowing visitors that come in to our shop to observe the printing process.

We have retired compositors, letterpress machinists, linotype operators, and finishers come and visit us, and they often remark that the smell of the ink and the sounds of the machines bring back fond memories. We always love hearing about their print shop stories. Our treasured machines include a 1953 Heidelberg Platen Press, a late 1920s Chandler & Price, a Heidelberg Cylinder Press, a Linotype typecaster, two Ludlow typecasters, and a quad crown (30”x40”) Miehle which we affectionately nicknamed ‘The Dinosaur’. All our products are a labour of love and made in-house. We make our own photopolymer plates, hand-mix inks to specific Pantone colours, print on our beautiful printing machine beasts, and trim papers using our vintage cast-iron guillotine.

Perhaps it is because we are located within a heritage park with many interstate and overseas visitors, but we find ourselves creating letterpress printed paper products often with an Australian influence. We are also passionate about connecting, collaborating and partnering with the community especially local artists and designers. We celebrate letterpress and want others to have the opportunity to experience the craft, the beauty and its endless possibilities.Coming soon