Frog Michaels
The best-selling Western recipe book, written in English & Tagalog, for families whose 'helping hand' is often their Filipino helper.
"Western cuisine made beautifully easy" - DAMIEN BOUDIER, MICHELIN GUIDE PARIS
It includes over 80 classic recipes - for breakfasts, packed lunches and even dinner parties - that have been translated into and explained in Filipino (with other editions, including Bahasa Indonesia, due to be published in 2018). Helpers can of course read English but sometimes cooking phrases such as ‘beat’, ‘blind bake’, ‘bind’, ‘braise’, ‘blanch’ and ‘bain-marie’ are not descriptive enough to be helpful, even for native English speakers.
There are tips and remedies in breakout boxes and almost all recipes come with serving suggestions (hidden within the Tagalog sections), as well as approximate preparation and cooking times. There is a detailed ingredients chapter to assist with shopping at the back of the book, and cookware stockists and grocery suppliers – in Singapore and beyond – can be found on line via, in order to always stay current.
A few things that give this book real standout: the Tagalog versions of the recipes are far more detailed than their English counterparts (they are sometimes twice as long) and come with numbered steps. This makes them perfect for the kitchen novice, but seasoned cooks – who are able to skip some of the explanatory steps – can also use this book.
“Buy this book and not only will your helper thank you for it, you will thank yourself”

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