The Handmade Romantics Bask Citrine Necklace

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bali
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Citrine, from the old French word 'citrin', is a lemon-coloured variety of Quartz. For those who believe in crystals, citrine is seen as a stone with healing and recharging properties.

For us, the inspiration behind our necklaces is the image of the Borobudur temple at sunset, bathed in a magical yellow light before darkness encapsulates its surroundings.

Each necklace was lovingly handmade by our craft partner, a mother of one from a small town near Jogjakarta. She has a penchant for creating dainty jewellery pieces for day to day wear and dreams of one day publishing a book of clay accessories designs.

Material: Citrine pendant (approx 2cm x 2cm in size), with gold-coloured chain (approx 30cm long).


Ships to :
  • Bali
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand



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