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#ohmymats Reuseable Colouring & Dining Place Mats

#ohmymats was created by business owner, Audrey, as a personal give back project. Helping struggling or new artists, supporting special needs and donation of products to generate sales or direct cash donations from the sales of the mats is Audrey's personal mission when she decided to start #ohmymats.

#ohmymats are manufactured to the highest quality in Korea. #ohmymats are tested according to EU toy safety standards to be safe for our children.

There are currently 14 designs and 2 sizes available.

About our Artists

Mdm Koo

Mdm Koo is a passionate school teacher who left the service to pursue her own interests. Besides spending time with her young daughters, she is also writing a book and exploring being a YouTuber. She self-produces all her videos and regularly posts about her life. As her love for teaching is still deep, she also posts educational videos on Math & Science. In her free time, she loves to doodle and explore other forms of arts like composing her own tunes to be used with her videos.

@mushdoodles by Isabelle

Isabelle is a children programme coordinator and loves illustrating children's material. Drawing and doodling has been her passion and its a joy to her to see children liking her illustrations. Check out her doodles on Instagram @mushdoodles.


Quentin is a fun-loving 7-year-old boy who is on the Autism Spectrum. His love for animals became evident when he would bellow “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep” with great gusto all day, singing at 12 months before he could speak in sentences. He draws mainly animals, in vivid imaginary scenarios, and always in great detail, all without any formal art training. Farm animals remain one of his favourites, as he aspires to be a farmer one day, so that he can be close to his cows and horses. Elephants and lions often feature in his artworks which are peppered with a host of other wild animals too. Quentin dreams of being a farmer, a zookeeper and going on a safari in Africa, and perhaps his art could one day fund his dreams, if not his therapies.


Quintessa is a tinkerer at heart. Quintessa naturally gravitates towards working out electrical circuitry, building things out of recyclable materials, cooking, baking and assembling detailed puzzles, to express her curiosity and alleviate her anxiety as a child with Asperger Syndrome. Affectionately known as an Aspie to her parents (or an Asparagus, according to how she first heard the word Asperger), she draws about anything that captures her imagination, with her favourites being woodland animals. She hopes that her art can make people smile, and perhaps lead her towards her dream of owning a sewing machine one day.

We will be seeking new artists to join our team and create new designs in future.

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