Wax Valley Candle Co.
We believe in well-being life and feeling which would be perfectly created and influenced by the proper surrounding environment. As two syllables of Danish word, HYGGE (hoo-gah), which means a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. Some people define that this word can be illustrated by a light candle. That’s why Wax Valley Candle Co. has been established with an intention to “make atmosphere yours”. With natural organic soy wax, cotton wick, unique scent blend, and package which are aesthetically proudly combined to be an artisan handcrafted and hand-poured scent soy wax candle. All productive instruction is precisely created with care including wax pouring with proper temperature, premium fragrance blend mixing, or even cotton wick cutting. Our fragrance blends are inspired by nature and travelling experience that connects the sense of smell, well personal feeling and being altogether.
Wax Valley Candle Co. was intentionally found by Apichat Kochapatsap in late 2017. Firstly Apichat found scent soy candle making as his activity for free times during working and holiday in Australia. Making a candle harmonized with his personal way of life; slow is better. All instruction should be consciously hand-crafted for a perfect candle result. “Inside-out” and “Outside-in” should have equilibrium point for life, he believes. So that the internal personal feeling and external surrounding atmosphere will significantly influence each other simultaneously. After testing and performing, the artisan scent soy candle under Wax Valley Candle Co. has been intentionally launched and driven by his passion to “make atmosphere yours” in everywhere.

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