WilaaMalin from Thailand started by Benjawan Tanon (Mam) and Rawiwan Chettleburgh (Nun) in 2016. We both have a craft heart. We love craft-work and live with it. “Handicraft is our passion. We believe that “Teepees are for EVERYONE. It is more than a Pet Bed, it is House Furniture”. Our products are unique creation.”
We have spent a lot of times to develop and produce “Teepee” which is our main product. Currently, there are many styles with different type of fabrics. Due to we both have engineering background, we have applied the concept of manufacture to run process and produce our products. We do Research & Development (R&D), and Quality Control (QC) to ensure the best products are produced, and 100% quality meet the standard.
We have big size teepees which are suitable for cats, dogs, kids & adults. We also have a mini teepee table lamp which is suitable for house decoration, and special occasion gift. Now, we are expanding into the category of kids and wedding under idea “Teepee for Everyone”. Our service, we produce customized products following customer expectations. We also have teepee to rent for party and wedding.
We aim to help the social and create a better world. “CSR – corporate social relation” is one of our task. We have donated some percentage of revenue to non-profit pet organization, and would be for others in the future. We also concern about environmental. We are developing our products to be Eco-friendly more.

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